Additives and Preservatives #9

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FOODS WITH ADDITIVES, PRESERVATIVES, ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURINGS OR NITRATES: read labels carefully. “Natural flavours” usually means it contains MSG

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Reading your labels is a must! Grocery shopping takes much longer but you will be confident in your food selections.

I discovered a while ago that just because the ingredients don’t list MSG it doesn’t mean that it is MSG free. The following is a list of ingredents that are hidden names for MSG.

Natural Flavours Gelatin Calcium Caseinate
Monosodium glutamate Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (HVP) Textured Protein
Monopotassium glutamate Hydrolyzed Plant Protein (HPP) Yeast Extract (popular)
Glutamate Autolyzed Plant Protein Yeast food or nutrient
Glutamic Acid Sodium Caseinate Autolyzed Yeast

List of food additives and preservatives to avoid


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