GMO Foods #7

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GMO FOOD: genetically modified food is not labeled so purchase organic and avoid the common GMO foods such as corn, soybean, wheat, etc. These ingredients are often found in packaged goods


Here are a few ways to help you avoid genetically modified foods:

1)Buy 100% organic foods, certified organic foods are not allowed to contain any GM products

2)Pay attention to PLU labels on fruits and vegetables

  • If it is a 4-digit number, the food is conventionally produced.
  • If it is a 5-digit number beginning with an 8, it is GM. However, do not trust that GE foods will have a PLU identifying it as such, because PLU labeling is optional. 
  • If it is a 5-digit number beginning with a 9, it is

3)Seek products that are specifically labeled as non-GM or GMO-free.

4)Shop locally– By shopping at farmers markets you may be able to avoid GM products

5)Buy whole foods. Favour foods that you can cook and prepare yourself, rather than foods that are processed or prepared.

6)Grow your own food. This way you know exactly what was grown, and what went into growing it.

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