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I was grocery shopping a couple days ago and saw a pH balance test kit and thought it would be fun to try it out. I have never focused too much on the pH of the foods I eat so I wanted to try it out and do some research on the topic. Healthy body pH or pH balance is 7.356. Symptoms of a pH imbalance is being underweight or overweight, allergies, arthritis, acne, and heart attacks. The over-acidification of the body can be reversed by the foods and water we put in our mouth. When we focus on eating healthy our bodies are able to return to a healthy pH and get rid of acid wastes. Disease can not flourish in a alkaline, oxygen rich environment.

So how do you return to the ideal ph? A proper, slightly alkaline diet, suggests taking in at least 80% of alkalizing foods, like green vegetables or grasses, and never more than 20% of neutral and acidifying foods. Eating alkaline foods transforms your body pH from dangerously acidic to slightly above neutral. Above that, alkaline water neutralizes harmful acid wastes and gently dismantles them from cells and tissues. Alkaline water has a pH value between 9 and 11 on the pH scale. When the nutrients of alkaline foods get into your bloodstream, every cell in your body will be recreated and regenerated. Just a few of the benefits of an alkaline diet is higher energy levels, improved skin, reduced allergies and enhanced mental clarity.

Below is a list I found here.

Healthy Alkaline Foods- Eat lots of them!


Alfalfa Grass +29.3

Asparagus +1.3

Brussels Sprouts +0.5

Cabbage Lettuce, Fresh +14.1

Cauliflower +3.1

Cayenne Pepper +18.8

Celery +13.3

Chives +8.3

Cucumber, Fresh +31.5

French Cut Green Beans +11.2

Garlic +13.2

Leeks (Bulbs) +7.2

Lettuce +2.2

Onion +3.0

Peas, Fresh +5.1

Peas, Ripe +0.5

Red Cabbage +6.3

Rhubarb Stalks +6.3

Spinach (Other Than March) +13.1

Spinach, March Harvest +8.0

Sprouted Chia Seeds +28.5

Sprouted Radish Seeds +28.4

Straw Grass +21.4

Watercress +7.7

Wheat Grass +33.8

Zucchini +5.7

Root Vegetables

Beet +11.3

Carrot +9.5

Potatoes +2.0

Red Radish +16.7

Turnip +8.0


Avocado (Protein) +15.6

Fresh Lemon +9.9

Limes +8.2

Tomato +13.6


Almonds +3.6

Brazil Nuts +0.5


Caraway Seeds +2.3

Cumin Seeds +1.1

Fennel Seeds +1.3

Flax Seeds +1.3

Pumpkin Seeds +5.6

Sesame Seeds +0.5

Sunflower Seeds +5.4

Fats (Fresh, Cold-Pressed Oils)

Borage Oil +3.2

Evening Primrose Oil +4.1

Flax Seed Oil +3.5

Marine Lipids +4.7

Olive Oil +1.0

Unhealthy Acidic Foods

– Try to avoid them!

Meat, Poultry, And Fish

Beef -34.5

Chicken (to -22) -18.0

Eggs (to -22)

Liver -3.0

Ocean Fish -20.0

Organ Meats -3.0

Oysters -5.0

Pork -38.0

Veal -35.0

Milk And Milk Products

Buttermilk +1.3

Cream -3.9

Hard Cheese -18.1

Homogenized Milk -1.0

Quark -17.3

Bread, Biscuits (Stored Grains/Risen Dough)

Rye Bread -2.5

White Biscuit -6.5

White Bread -10.0

Whole-Grain Bread -4.5

Whole-Meal Bread -6.5


Cashews -9.3

Peanuts -12.8

Pistachios -16.6


Butter -3.9

Corn Oil -6.5

Margarine -7.5


Artificial Sweetners -26.5

Barley Malt Syrup -9.3

Beet Sugar -15.1

Brown Rice Syrup -8.7

Chocolate -24.6

Fructose -9.5

Honey -7.6

Malt Sweetner -9.8

Milk Sugar -9.4

Molasses -14.6

Turbinado Sugar -9.5

White Sugar -17.6


Ketchup -12.4

Mayonaise -12.5

Mustard -19.2

Soy Sauce -36.2

Vinegar -39.4

A great way to start your day is by squeezing lemon into warm water and drinking that about 30 minutes before eating your breakfast. This will help your body detox as well as increase your alkalinity!

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