Quick Tips- Part 2

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This post is a continuation to my Quick Tips- Part 1 post you can find here.

11. Rotate foods- Don’t eat the same foods everyday. You will not only prevent allergies but you will nourish your body with a broader array of varied nutrients.

12. Purify your water- Toxins found in water can include fluoride, chlorine, pharmaceutical residues, and other chemicals.

13. Keep it moving- Add a tablespoon of flaxseed or psyllium to an 8 oz glass of water to ensure regularity.

14. Stretch Daily- Stretching stimulates circulation and lymph flow, and keeps muscles supple. P90x has an amazing video called Stretch X, or you could do yoga. If I have 10 min I will just go on youtube and search 10 min yoga video.

15. Breathe- Oxygen is alkalizing, so deep breathing is a simple way to counter excess acid and balance your pH.

16. Sweat it out- Steam saunas encourage you to sweat and send toxins out through the skin. Try and steam once a week.

17. Take a nap- It’s deeply rejuvenating and even a short catnap can decrease stress, even 15 min of quiet time is helpful.

18. Skin Brush- Dry brushing your skin stimulates the bodys detoxifying lymph system. Using a soft-bristles brush lightly rub your skin starting from your fingers and toes and move inward toward your heart. Follow with a warm shower to further boost circulation and move lymph.

19. Clean greener- Try and buy household cleanser that are natural and toxin-free. Or you can make your own!

20. Detox your soul. Start a journal and make notes of troubling emotions. Do this each evening for a daily mental and spiritual detox.

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